Accessibility: The Inclusive Web - One for Everyone in the Audience?

Dr. Barry McMullin
Research Institute for Networks and
Communications Engineering (RINCE)
Dublin City University

HEAnet National Networking Conference
Kilkenny, 7 November 2003
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Who cares...

If anybody asks me what the Internet means to me, I will tell him without hesitation: To me (a quadriplegic) the Internet occupies the most important part in my life. It is my feet that can take me to any part of the world; it is my hands which help me to accomplish my work; it is my best friend--it gives my life meaning.
- Dr. ZhangXu

Overview of Presentation

What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility means access to the Web by everyone, regardless of disability.

Web accessibility includes:

Why is Web Accessibility an Issue?

There are several reasons why Web accessibility is important:

Impact of the Web on People with Disabilities

Web Accessibility is a Cross-Disability Issue

Examples of design requirements for people with different kinds of disabilities include:

Web Accessibility is a Marketplace Issue

Accessibility Contributes to Universal Design (Design for All)

Accessible Web design contributes to better design for other users:

Guidelines for Accessibility

W3C: Web Accessibility Initiative

WCAG Conformance Levels

How are we (in Ireland) doing?


Key Results

(... no surprises there then!)

Pervasive Defects (Priority 1 or 2)

Web Accessibility is a Right ...




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