A Comparative Assessment of Web Accessibility and Technical Standards Conformance in Four EU States

Dr. Barry McMullin

Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering (RINCE) Dublin City University

Politiques et Législations en faveur de l'accessibilité numérique en Europe
Paris, Jan 31 2005
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Large Scale Surveying: Why?

Large Scale Surveying: How?

Large Scale Surveying: Where?

Key Results: WCAG-A Failure

Ireland 94.0%
UK 94.5%
Germany 95.6%
France 98.6%

Key Results: WCAG-AA Failure

UK 99%
Ireland 100%
Germany 100%
France 100%

Key Results: HTML Validation Failure (Raw)

Germany 99.6%
UK 99.8%
Ireland 100%
France 100%

Key Results: HTML Validation Failure (Bad DOCTYPE)

Key Results: HTML Validation Failure (DOCTYPE Filter)

UK 96%
France 96%
Ireland 97%
Germany 98%

Pervasive Defects

Major Caveats




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